Acceli's web solutions cover the full lifecycle of website development plus much more. From initial business requirements analysis to maintenance and long term development and marketing strategies, we provide a valued partnership. In all the different phases of our work process we offer maximum transparency for our clients allowing them to constantly oversee the evolution of their project.

As a unique service, Acceli can provide high quality prioritized development, where we assign a large number of developers for your project only. You can have your website designed, developed and running in a matter of days!

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Technical Translation

We'l translate any technical documents from English to Estonian and vice versa

Web Design and Development

Every new development begins with identifying the site features, based on client's business requirements. We can help you define these requirements by analyzing your business process and exposing the values a website can add to your business and the features that would distinguish you from your competitors. The results of this analysis display clear and documented processes, which include expectations of the implementation and measurements for success. This will be the basis for more specific functional requirements documentation for the website. We also provide long term strategic planning for future development to make sure you always stay ahead of competitors and take advantage of the latest technological innovations the Internet environment has to offer.

Once these requirements have been identified, it is time to get more technical. The technical specifications describe the overall architecture of the site, they contain the web application use cases, business objects and program flows, based on the functional specifications. Server and end-client platforms are identified using site usage predictions and technical segmentation analysis of the end-client capabilities.

We acknowledge the fact that during the development process new ideas may emerge, which have to be incorporated with the original specifications. For that reason we use highly scalable programming models provided by .NET Framework, to allow incorporating any additional features with as much ease and little time as possible.

Creative Services, e-mail promotions

Work on design templates starts with the corporate or brand identity analysis, creating the style book and drafting HTML wireframes. Our creative team has more than 7 years of experience designing websites and artwork for other forms of digital media. Working closely with systems architects and developers ensures that not only are the designs visually appealing, but also that the site structure is user friendly and the navigation logic intuitive.

In addition to common web design services - PSD design and Flash animations, stylesheets, HTML and dHTML - we offer you the ability of including rich media content - video and multimedia - to your website. The explosive increase of broadband internet connections has turned this form of content into a powerful marketing tool that gives you the ability to make a distinctive and long lasting impression.
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video and sound production services.

Systems analysis and application development

The application development phase begins with modeling and architecting the prototype with computer-aided software engineering tools like MS Visio and Rational XDE. A standard notation for the modeling of real-world objects is UML, that is seen as a first step in developing an object-oriented design methodology. Object-oriented programming inherently fosters software re-use.

From hereon the development continues in parallel steps to speed up the process. Technical system options are identified, data is gathered or migrated, design and programming follow shortly. In programming we are specialized in .NET because this platform in our opinion facilitates fastest development. We also have competence in legacy technologies, ASP, Java J2EE, PHP etc. plus - database architecture and data management with MS SQL or Oracle.

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HTML cutting, dHTML and JavaScript coding

HTML coding is a specialized service for our clients, who need their Photoshop or Fireworks images turned to HTML by our professional Macromedia Dreamweaver specialists fast.

We make sure the code is optimized, well-commented and the page load time is minimal.

The resulting code is guaranteed to comply with the industry standards and look as intended on different platforms and browsers. A site of an average of 40 templates can be cut and delivered in a matter of days.

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Internet marketing and search engine optimization

Common short term Internet Marketing strategies like promotional e-mail campaigns, banner ads and online advertising provide a boost of traffic and are most effective for new websites or temporary campaigns.
Long term strategies bring you a steady stream of traffic over time. Common techniques include content personalization and user segmentation based on customer surveys and behaviour history, presenting contests, freebies, new content or special features. We offer specialized flash or animated graphic design based on your campaign needs and provide the know-how for long term strategies.

Search engine optimization is the fundamental part of an online Internet marketing strategy. Keyword-related advertising and search engine placement can make up 80 to 90 percent of your traffic. We regard standard Search Engine tagging as an integral part of any web site and thus it is not something that we charge extra for. Our free optimization package includes submitting your site to the world's major Search Engines (Google, AltaVista, MSN, AOL, AllTheWeb, AskJeeves, Lycos, Excite, HotBot, Go), adding page specific HTML and meta-tags, keywords and if requested, a site map.

A more complex SEO includes scanning the site content for most effective keywords, phrase queries based on target audience and dynamically updating the meta-tags guaranteeing the best placement results and constantly monitoring the rankings in search engines.

Logo and print design

Everything from brand analysis to prototypes and corporate identity - we can assist you with leaving a memorable impression. You will receive 3-4 different design choices. We can provide your logo in several different file formats suitable for print and electronic use.

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