Featured Web Projects

Cedar Petrochemicals
Website redesign for an international trading company with headquarters on Wall Street. The new website features modern layout and flash animations.

Community website that helps their members achieve diet & fitness goals. User blogs, discussion forums, nutrition information database.

One of the world's leading cosmetics retailers, with 50000+ page hits a day. Built on a system of reusable components in collaboration with L’Oréal and Microsoft teams in France and US.

MakeWords online domain name generator
MakeWords is a unique website that helps you find available domain and business names. It is currently the most advanced online domain name generator on the web.

Kiehl's Since 1851
An original New York Pharmacy offering skin care, hair care and body care products. eCommerce.

L'Oréal USA eBusiness intra- and extranets
Using .NET Rapid Application Development methodologies, Acceli helped L'Oréal eBusiness to improve its internal process control. The new Intranet features resources management, budgeting, internal messaging and better communication with the clients.

Professional hair care site with Flash integration

Custom e-commerce solution for a cutting-edge beauty company.

Professional hair care brand. The site features a product catalog, store locator and intranets for different types of users.

Armani Event Registration site
Registration forms and informational minisites for various Armani events.

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