Work process

Our work process follows the 10 stages in this simplified model. Each stage is subject to client review after completion.

  1. Initial business requirements analysis to determine the project requirements and estimate the scope of work.
  2. Project planning to create a timeline, based on time assessment on each individual component or feature.
  3. Functional specifications, based on business requirements, to define the scope of work more accurately.
  4. Technical specifications to define the application object model, database architecture.
  5. Creative design, consisting of brand image analysis, style concept, layout design, HTML coding.
  6. Data assembly and migration.
  7. Development, integrating with database and layout. QA and testing after each stage.
  8. Final QA for total site integrity, including functional testing, performance testing, both manual and by automated test scripts.
  9. Soft Launch
  10. Hard Launch, maintenance

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