Reusable component library

Reusable components can be easily integrated into any new solutions, thus saving the time for development and cost for the clients. We have isolated and created a highly scalable library of modules that can be easily customizes and reuses in any application:
  • customer registration and newsletter components
  • site navigation, multilevel menu systems, modular environment
  • easy-to-use textual content management systems - articles, news
  • events calendar and time-based components
  • store/address locator by address and zipcode
  • e-commerce components - shopping cart, order history, statistics
  • newsletter and e-mail management
  • internationalization, localization, multi language environments
  • data access components
  • guest book, forums, polls, ratings
  • image manipulation and upload, creating thumbnails and image gallerys
  • content management,
  • products and categories management
  • intranet, roles, logins, security, user management
  • logging and exception management, error and attack notification
  • optimization and cache
  • site usage statistics, sales statistics

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